On the sacred land of Guru Gorakshnath, at the dawn of 20th century, a dream of launching a teaching cum residential institution occupied the minds of some intellectuals, among whom our mighty minded advocates played significant roles. As a result, Mahatma Gandhi Intermediate College, then the Gorakhpur High School, preceded by Gorakhpur High School Society, was founded on Jan 06,1909.Our most reverred and a well known citizen, Late Rai Bahadur Ram Garib Lalji came forward and donated his 11 acres of land for school premises .In 1913, the School Society was registered and in 1913 J. Hope Simpson the then District Magistrate put the first foundation brick of the main building of the School. In the construction of the main building Late Ishwari Prasad ji made a significant donation. Consequently the main building was named ISHWARI MANZIL.

In 1948, our beloved Bapu was slain. The whole nation got bereaved. Driven by an over powering Nationalistic feelings, the School society passed a resolution and as a result there of, The Gorakhpur High School and the Gorakhpur Society were respectively replaced by the Mahatma Gandhi Intermediate College and the National Educational Society,Gorakhpur. Now the M.G. Inter College, a well known teaching cum Residential Instituition is on the way of accumulating rapid pace. The College is located in the heart of the City, just behind Golghar and at the distance of 2.5 kms from the Railway Station,uptown to the South-West.At present ,the College has a well equipped premises, constructed on old architecture,which contains 42 Class rooms. Some 4500 students from nooks and corners of U.P. and also abroad get education here in different streams- Maths, Bio, Commerce, Literary, Trade and Computer. The strength of our teaching Staff is 70, assisted by 26 clerical cum fourth-class employees.

The College now has a neat and attractive campus spread over an area of about 3 acres with well-planned teaching and residential Campuses. In the beginning the College was housed in a single building-ISHWARI MANJIL. But later on it was housed in 5 blocks- MAIN BLOCK, PRAKASH NARAYAN BLOCK, TRADE BLOCK, LABORATORY BLOCK and COMPUTER BLOCK. The College Society has also built a 28 room hostel (named as the National Educational Society Hostel, G.K.P.).Which has the facilities of Reading cum T.V. room, Games etc.

The M.G.Inter College has a glorious past. On one hand it has given out many scholars who are presently serving their country with their never fading enlightenment while on the other hand a number of our students have scored high ranks in the U. P. Board Examination. Though all the founding fathers and Pre Managing bodies along with their the then Principals have left no stone unturned for the up liftment of the college, the efforts of Late Prakash Narayan Srivastava, our source of inspiration and Late Krishna Bihari Lal Srivastava have been proved to be a Mile-stone in the History of the college and their co-working period (1972 to 1992) has been taken for granted as a Golden Era.

Our Managing and Administrative bodies in the mirror of the past
Late Kazi Firaset Hussain
Nov. 1903 to Sept. 1915
Late Jadunath Chakravarti
Jan. 01, 1909 to July 31, 1929
Late Jai Gopal Asthana
Oct. 1915 to Sept. 23, 1916
Late Gopal Narayan Rai
Aug 01, 1929 to June 30, 1946
Late Rai Ram Garib Bahadur
Sept. 24, 1916 to Oct. 1920
Late Kunwar Bahadur
July 01, 1946 to June 30, 1965
Late Nrisingh Das
Nov. 1920 to Feb 25, 1921
Late Vasuder Sahai
July 01, 1965 to Aug. 31, 1965
Late Abhya Charan singh
Feb. 26, 1921 to Sept. 1946
Late Krishna Bihari Lal
Sept. 01, 1965 to Jun. 30, 1986
Late Rai Bahadur Ram Narayan
Oct. 1946 to Jan. 1960
Late Gopinath Dubey
July 01, 1986 to June 25, 1989
Late Vindeshwari Narain
Feb. 1960 to June 25, 1972
Dr. Radheyshyam Singh (Acting Principal)
June 26, 1989
Late Prakash Narain Srivastava
June 26, 1972 to Nov. 07, 1992
Sri Sobhit Narain
Nov, 08, 1992 to Dec. 2004
Sri Mankeshwar Nath Pandey
Dec. 2004